Putting it all together

The videos from Days One and Two of our March symposium can now be viewed in full. Use the time codes below to navigate, or view on YouTube for more optionsFull speaker and program details are available here.

Day One — Victorian Reforms

Friday 5 March 2021

Day One program PDF

00:00​ Welcome (Gus Clelland, Mental Health Victoria)

01:26​ Opening statement (James Merlino, Victorian Minister for Mental Health)

10:52​ Overview (Sophie Scott, ABC National Medical Reporter)

13:30​ The Victorian reform agenda (Alan Fels, Mental Health Victoria)

1:01:06​ RC Final Report: Service reform and vision (Larissa Taylor, MHV)

1:24:04​ Panel discussion

2:20:28​ RC Final Report: Governance, funding and commissioning (Tom Symondson, VHA)

2:44:10​ Panel discussion

3:50:49​ Implementation: What to Expect (Pam Anders, Mental Health Reform Victoria)

4:33:23​ Panel discussion

5:26:38​ Closing Address (Maggie Toko, VMIAC)

Day Two — National Reforms

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Day Two program PDF

00:00​ Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

04:21​ Opening Address — Damian Ferrie, Star Health

13:02​ ​Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health — Prof Stephen P. King, Presiding Commissioner

1:00:20​ Panel Discussion ​

1:31:13​ Vision 2030 and National Suicide Prevention Strategy — Christine Morgan, National Mental Health Commission

2:17:45​ Panel Discussion

2:49:20​ National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy — Prof Christel Middeldorp and Prof Frank Oberklaid ​

3:33:00​ Panel Discussion

4:07:12​ Bringing it all together - Prof Patrick McGorry, Orygen

4:34:55​ Closing Address — Jill Gallagher AO, VACCHO

About this event


This major symposium held in March 2021 united leaders, experts, frontline workers and those with lived experience of ill mental health to dissect the major reports, strategies and inquiries set to reshape the mental health sector, including:


  • The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

  • The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health

  • The National Child Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategies

  • The Commonwealth’s Vision 2030 for Mental Health


Held over two days, it was the first event in the 2021 Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Symposium Series inaugurated by Mental Health Victoria.


The series continued in June 2021 with Preparing for reform: Co-production, culture change and leadership.


Download our Symposium Summary, capturing all the key quotes and messages from sector leaders.