Preparing for reform

Draft program


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9:00–9:10 — Welcome, acknowledgment of country, housekeeping

Sophie Scott MC, ABC National Medical Reporter; Gus Clelland, CEO Mental Health Victoria

9:10–9:40 — Opening Address 

Katherine Whetton, Deputy Secretary for Mental Health in the Department of Health and Human Services

An update from Victorian Government about the progress and what’s ahead for Royal Commission reform implementation.


9:40–10:00 — Morning tea break

10:00–10:45 — Panel: Implementation in practice 

Dr Andrew Milat, Mary O’Hagan, Mary Roberts, TBA

Four experts share their experiences in large-scale reform implementation, including: 

  • Key requirements for ensuring reform implementation is effective, inclusive and sustainable 

  • Previous experiences in other reform processes, and relevant learnings for the Victorian mental health sector 

  • What has been proven to work 

  • Common risks and challenges in reform implementation, and strategies to manage them 

  • strengths to draw upon 

10:45–11:15 — Fireside Chat: Implementation best-practice 

Robyn Mildon, Executive Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Interview with implementation science expert Robyn Mildon to unpack lessons and learnings on the foundations to success in large-scale reform implementation.

11:15–12:15 — Lunch break


12:15–12:45 — Keynote address: Co-production as a pillar of success

Lesley Cook, Director, Partners in Practice

Lesley Cook will provide a presentation on the key requirements for authentic co-production.


12:45–1:30 — Panel: Co-production in practice 

Fiona Browning, Kerry Hawkins, Cath Roper, TBA


Perspectives on co-production in practice, including: 

  • Key requirements to ensure co-production is implemented authentically and effectively 

  • Practical examples of co-production successes and learnings 

  • Common risks and challenges in large-scale reform implementation 

  • How to ensure co-production is inclusive of all voices 

  • How to support and build capacity for participation in co-production processes 

  • Co-production vs co-design 


1:30–1:40 — Afternoon tea break


1:40–2:10 — Keynote address: Leadership and culture change as pillars of success 

Adam Fennessy, Victorian Public Sector Commissioner


Adam Fennessy presents on how to shift mindsets, foster collaboration, ignite change and involve leaders in driving system reform.


2:10–2:50 — Panel: Putting reform into practice in the Victorian mental health sector 

Tricia Szirom, Marie Piu, Ravi Bhat, Jayne Nelson 

Experts share their perspectives on the key themes of the day, including: 

  • Key hopes/concerns with reform project  

  • Key requirements for effective, inclusive and sustainable reform implementation 

  • Critical approaches to implementation that will bring about real change, including with respect to addressing shifts in power 

  • Opportunities, challenges and strategies to vest co-production across the system, both during and after reform phase 

  • Opportunities, challenges and strategies to change system culture and vest system with good leadership 

  • Next steps in reform phase to achieve the above



2:50–3:00 — Closing Remarks 

Sophie Scott, Robyn Mildon (TBC)